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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !

My Rainbows ♥♥

So here are people who brought complete happiness to me, effing love you guys

1. Happy Tree family
2. Raja Hafiz bin Raja Rosli
3. Friends

thats my loving mama and caring abah :)
Noraini bt Ismail and Ishak bin Ahmad respectively

My parents are heartbeats ♥
My siblings are the other me ♥

Family always comes first right? Who would deny that? He might losing his brain, i guess. Im so blessed to have family right with me when every obstacles come. Frankly speaking, i would never able to stand at where i am now if not because my two lovely mom and dad. The only god creature that makes me alive; well of course they are !
during 2 years anny :p

My b boo, booyah, bubu is my HEARTTHROB ♥

It has been years now, a definite love i found in 2009. Fate meeting us. Every day that passes by, i just realize that i love him even more. For the fights, argues, misunderstandings, cries, laughs, smiles, happiness that we share for the period of being in relationship; maturing us, and that tied us even tighter than before. 

me with fafa

University mates

meet ika and maria; my classmates :)

my notty girl, molisha abd halim
cintashafiyana and nurul izzaty, the friends that i miss alot !

college mates. miss kngah and alang most of all !

My girlfriend :) another precious God's creature ♥

Can u see? i have a lot of friend ! Envy me not !I love them in everyway they are.
I'm so blessed to still in touch with few of my school mates.
But u know, people come and go. So do the best friends. I hope it lasts till the end.
So unfortunate that i couldn't make it as some of them already had another commiment.
For sure, i cherish all the moments we shared. To the rest who stick, there's nothing i could done to show how much i appreciate u that u stay !
Especially Nur Farah, thanx for being there always for me.
and not to forget my online dates, FATINAH AMIR !

"Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow. "