Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !

Learn me ♥♥

Salam peeps, so yeahh finally u got here andd thx for that. At least i know, someone is interested to learn about me. haha lol, cut that off.

The name is Atiqah binti Ishak, but known well more with the qutiq name and will reach 22 this year on Oct. Was born with 3 sisters and a brother before me which means im the last one but not yet the spoil one !

Shy, loud, tears, laughs may define me less or more. I need time to tackle with everything around me like people, environment and so on. But once i got approached, u will never going to be bored with me, errr i guess so.. Im kind inside; kill my feelings, im sure to be a devil then but don't worry it takes some times to change me into that kind of person. I easily got emotionally affected once i got offended, yeahh im the sensitive one. Ask the family and boyfriend, they know well. haha ! I love green, in fact i was so addicted to it until now. I mean, people who i knew before always had their own color addiction but they were like let it go as they grew up. Haha but for me, though i've grown enough (at this age lahhh) im still in love with green. That awkward huh? Im attached to Raja Hafiz bin Raja Rosli and soon will get married to him after finishing my study. I graduated Diploma of Office Management and Technology with 1st class and will be pursuing the study to degree soon.

am i hot? lol

apparently, i ain't that hot. haha

okay now i look very shy. errr? is that me?