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Another Transition

Assalamualaikum dear beby,

Its been quite a long time right? So so sorry for neglecting you. I mean, Im quite bz lately with my career life. Still building though. So currently now working at Hap Seng Mangement Services Sdn Bhd, subsidiary of Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad. Did i tell u yet? Oh my... I think you have missed loads of things about my life already. Im engaged too ! hihi so everything is good so far i guess. My fiance and I (i mean aje) relationship is getting happier than ever. lol enough bout that.
Okay, I have been working at HSMS for 8 months + already, and resigning SOONNNNN. lol Accepted Great Eastern's offer. Well, they offered me 40% more than I earn now (here Im only a clerk, there my level would be Exec). Quite excited to start my new job there, though. New environment and so forth. Idk, I hope I can adjust in short time period. Nevertheless, there are slight pitfalls and benefits when it comes to shifting to other workplace. I mean, environment of course, fall to number one. The second big thing is, the fringe benefits both organizations offer me. At GE, Im only a graded staff but once I promoted to exec level which I dont know till how many years they will recognize my 1st class degree, my children and spouse if any can enjoy both inpatient and outpatient benefits with specify limit. And HS also doesnt cover dental. But at GE, my inpatient and outpatient will be unlimited, however my children and spouse if any, wouldnt be covered until Im being promoted to managerial level which I think quite impossible. Lol they cover dental though. And there will be 2 times bonus in a year. lalalalalalala Idk.... Hope things will get better. What Im worried now, is when i get married where do I will stay? If at Shah Alam, of course I need to travel everyday.. Adoiiii, malas nye. Hope aje can tolerate with me to stay near Kelana Jaya, haha so its easier for me to take the LRT there. Mhm mhm, we'll see... I just couldnt wait. Time works slow this month... Grrrrr

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