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Alhamdulillah another Anugerah Naib Canselor (Vice Chancellor's Award)


Hello guys !
I know its been so so sooooo long since the last one (omg so cliche).
So want to share with my beby bloggay (kinda miss you beby) that I have completed my study with 1st class honor :) Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah. So grateful. Even feel blessed more because I have completed both of my Diploma and Bachelor Degree with 'Vice Chancelor Award' title. Im very determined person.
Once I target a thing or two, I will push my butt off hard and harder to get what i want.

So now its time for my career life. Im looking for a rapid growth and surely I will try my best to achieve that.
Alhamdulillah, a great starter for my career life fortunately ! I accepted the Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad. Alhamdulillah. Been offered by 3 companies. Hablem in fact ask my former colleague to persuade me to work there. Mhmmmmm, so gonna miss the memories there. Im so lucky to have that bond with my former colleague who of course Im happy to be with. Working environment with study environment... I see a definite difference exists. Yes, it is... Study environment, a bit immature. Working environment, I got to see different colors of people :) And Im glad everyone I have a cool bonding with the people at Great Eestern as well as HSBC, they are all indeed mature people... Kak Siti from HSBC still call me, text me.. Oh... how i miss to work under her... Also few of them still in touch through fb.
Also my GE's colleagues I still in touch with them through fb and so forth. Well, last time Sara did whatsapp me at 019. But already dismissed that number...

I hope my career process at Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad will be as smooth as it could. I do accept challenge and stress, but it takes me a day or two to adapt. Im glad to be offered by this public listed company as it provides me with variety of benefits here and there. And InsyaAllah Kak Yati told me when my grade raised, my kids also will be borne.  That is indeed Alhamdulillah. For starting, my salary will be RM1800.  But Kak Yati asked me to demand higher as I have the qualification, but Im thinking not to... Idk..
Depends on situation. But to be sincere, 1800 is okay. With the insurance, hospitalization, medical, clinic panel and so forth... I couldnt demand more.. I mean, I have less than a year experience right.... Oh well, I'll write u again about the life later. Hihi, gtg for now, let me upload ya my result just for some inspiration, though its (the cgpa) not that high  :)

See ya again,
Au revoir !

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erawr said...

omg alhamdulillah congratulations dear! :) very very proud of you. hehe