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I made it :)

AsSalam guys !!
As promised, i told ya all yesterday that will update about what happened with the Ayam Percik thingy, right?
So yes, as for all you guys info, i managed to cook it, deliciously. lol POYO.
Well it tasted nice, even my sis asked for the recipe and suggested mama to change the menu for this coming raya from ayam rendang to ayam percik. hihi

So here are the pictures:
This is when i marinated the chicken
i left it covered for almost an hour

i blended the onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric(kunyit hidup), lemongrass,cayenne pepper (ingredients A) 
this is the ingredients A (for the gravy)

i fried the blended ingredients for a while and then mixed the dried chilli

i added some cornflour (one big spoon, actually more a bit)

added the coconut milk and Maggi chicken cube, a bit water, a bit salt, spoon of sugar and stired it.. and done

i marinated it again with the sauce gravy(the ready ingredients A and dried chilli) before i grilled them

picture of them in the oven



i decorated it a bit

Okay, if u watched the ori recipe as uploaded,
The original percik sauce gravy is not fried with the oil, also the chicken is not marinated.
But i did marinate the chicken with the curry powder for an hour i guess.
And for the Bahan A, i didnt mix the dried chillies along.

Okay, here is the actual original ways of cooking it:


Bahan A

3 ulas Serai
15 gm Cili kering, direndam
3 ulas Bawang putih
3 sm Halia
2 sm Kunyit
10 gm Bawang merah

Bahan B

1 sudu Besar tepung beras
2 sudu Besar gula
250 ml Santan pekat
1 kg Ayam, dibelah empat
2 ketul Kiub Pati Ayam MAGGI


1. Campurkan bahan A dan kisar sehingga halus. Campurkan bahan A dan B di dalam periuk. Masak dengan api sederhana sehingga kuah menjadi pekat.
2. Keluarkan dari periuk. Sapukan kuah pada ayam dan panggang di atas gril sehingga kekuningan.
3. Pusingkan ke bahagian sebelah, sapukan kuah ke atas ayam dan panggang sampai kekuningan.
4. Sedia dihidangkan.


I didnt really follow the measurement exactly. I just guessed around accordingly.
Also i did sprinkled some salts into it.

Any inquiries? Please drop your comment. Thank you
Au Revoir, daaa

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