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AsSalam, hey bloggay

Seems like forever it has been since the last i kept in touch with u guys.
To those who didnt know, i am so in ample time these days..
Checked into my semester break, well not to exaggerate. But......
Im not really in the mood of
No money major REASON, too busy with my house work. lol
Raya is around the corner and as we all aware much, its already the 14th Ramadhan.
That means, almost half the month we are in this holy and merciful month.

Well, maybe because my life is dull, so i have pretty much nothing to update.
Except for my internship placement that.. will be at Hablem Oil & Gas..
To those who didnt really know about this company, i think its classified under private company limited by shares.
Also this company is a Petronas licensed company. Well, to add, i also been offered by the Petronas itself but since i've already accepted Hablem, i have to say NO to Petronas not really unfortunately..

Also, as for my private life, it seems like im slowing down...
Me and aje is getting well, and im proud of him..
He is slowly changing to be a better person in Islamic way, of course.
We also always settle down our problems by discussing why and what and many other 'w', 'h' questions..
He goes to Terawih, and alhamdulillah, didnt skip his 5 times a day to answer Allah's calls...
Maybe still climbing up, but.. the progress is something i can hold onto in ensuring him to be the future IMAM for me...
He will do better... Hopefully, and im always pray for him...
Also, i always share good things in becoming good muslim..
Hopefully we can be better and better.. Keep improving our own selves...

Oh and another thing is, im quite worried, in fact still worrying with my result this semester...
Yeahhh, papers are mostly quite hard.
I even cried after stepped out from the exam hall remembering what i wrote on the exam answer sheet. OMGGG !! :(
Did Istikharah, Tahajjud, Hajat for me and my housemates' good results. Also kicked my but off to study, study, study previously... Now, all i have is my sincere and hopeful tawakkal to Allah...

Today is my first day to fast since i had my 7 days period. Grrrr
So just now i just made cheezy wedges for the kids.
Omggggg, im so mouth watering seeing the cheezy meezy yummyyy sauce..
My tummy went kruik kruik kruik so bad. lol screw them
My daily lives nowadays, pretty much boring.
All i do is helping my mama with the laundry, other normal houseworks, and the kids are my on duty..
Send them to the driver, watch them from upstairs, buy groceries, help mama with the Iftar preparation and etc. Im so a degree holder housegirl..

Ohhhh andd, last time i went to Pos service at Carrefour, registered my ASB. Aje came down here the day before also to registered his one with me.. haha the next day, i registered mine by myself. lol
Also, i bank in my 200+++ tabung money already. RM200 went to my ASB account. The rest, (coins) i keep with the bank... Well the coins amounted almost hundreds :)
My red tabung and its petty cash. lol

This is his actually

My sweetheart :)

 This is the link for Hablem Oil & Gas to those who are curious.
And the 1st picture on the top is me and my deary future during Iftar on last monday(last week)
Thats all i guess for now..
Au revoir, daaa

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