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AsSalam guys,
Yeahhh we meet again !!
So today's post is quite emotional, be aware.
These days lately i was inspired by many people around my circle.
So i have few real examples about relationship.
Like fatinah, erawr and the closest to me is aida.
Which i think somewhat quite gives impact to me.
Making me come to this thinking,
'Oh i can be like them'
Why not?
Quite similar in every way.
Born a girl, going through a rough rship and all...

Aida, she got into rship with her ex for 6 years.
Erawr 4 years. Fatin was like went through a tough rship fr quite a time.
And they made it.
They win the battlefield in their own way, which hurt them so very minimal at the end of the day..
They found a real happiness in fact !!
So why not me?
I can too, right???

Hihi its not like im giving up, but im thinking like why not give a shot?
Its not a big deal right?
Moreover, its not like im married and that too attached, aint it?
I can live on my own even if im alone..

These story i heard and shared by fellow friends of mind is like drivers for me tht in a way motivate me too..

So, i havent make up my mind or come to that serious decision yet...

Im just giving myself a thinking.
Its okay, if i failed with aje, i still can be okay.
I still can have my life. A whole new i mean..
Its not wrong for me to decide whts best fr me.. Right beby???

So, being single is not a crime. I set myself free...

Yes, time will come.
Just fits everything..
I should believe on my faith and go with the flow..

Now im relieved. I dont have to get myself into troubles..
Whts important nw, my study, future career and the most vital part, my family especially my most loveable mamabah..

Okay lah, thats it fr heart to heart session fr today.
Thank youu beby :)
Au Revoir, dadaaaa

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