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Its wrap

Assalam. Hello guys,
Yesterday me and him spent the night together to celebrate our 4th year together.
Heee im so happy and touched. The most touching part was when he kneeled down and express his feelings towards me.
Im so touched and loved. He didnt know hw to surprise and plan things fr me,
But obviously his spontaneous act shocked me ♥♡x):D
So we exchanged gift when we met. He fetched me on the doorstep.
He left his car at my apartment, and drove my car.
Intended to catch movie. Myself planned to catch that comedy movie *identity thief. But then he refused since he dislikes that kinda movie.
So he wanted me to book long weekend which i already wtched and that mocie freaked me out too bad.
So then i decided to lets not go to the cinema. Haha
Its already late when we met. No restaurant is up
Pheww so went to stuffed seafood then at almost 12am. IMAGINE.
He told me earlier tht he wil cook fr me. But bcs he overslept, didnt manage to do so.
Mhmmm its okay =)
So we went to icity and tht was when he kneeled down.
Couldnt recall the exact sentence, but something like
'Utk manje booyah......blablabla....'
Then spent the night..
Andd nt to forget to mention we fought too.
Bcs he kept nagging me abt hw skinny i am and all. Stressed... grr
Imagine it when yr bf complain u being too fat on yr anniversary date?
Its kinda the same here. Im to skinny and yes, not like im not putting effort. I eat like dinasour okayyy.
Phewww oh cut this part. Hehe
So he bought me a silver bracelet and 2 slices of secret recipe cakes.
Bcs we fought, i left it in the car overnigt. Grrr
Too bad :( idk why i acted immature suddenly. Pity the cake.
I liked yesterday.
He knew i dont like wasting and my rule is dont buy full cake. One of the rules lahh. So he managed to satisfied me lahh.
I made a DIYfor him. Hes hanging it nw in his room. ;)
Omg, his room is full with my DIY. Haha 4 fr anniversary, 3 fr birthday.

So here are pictures captured ! ♡♥

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