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Pre post 4th anny

Hey peeps, long time no see ha??
Hihihi so this 3rd may would be my anny with aje. After quite a time, finally !
Loads of hardships and obstacles we faced, face and yet to face.
Im so thankful for he never let me go. For he always pull himself back.
For he always try for me. For he always put his ego aside.
He's an Aquarias. So u know, the type of guy with full of ego, dont listen to others.
In the beginning, it was so hard for me to soften him. It took me a lot of courage.
I've been in the state when i feel like no one will love me and whatsoever.
Yet, because of the faith i believe on, i made myself clear.
To get something, i need to climb up the mountain.

Now, im glad with myself. Feel much more better. Feel maturer.
I learn how to pick the pieces of me up after every tears i dropped.
Now i keep my head high for every break my heart feels..
Cause i know, Allah does it for reasons.
Now im stronger, and im glad, so grateful to Allah, for the lessons.

And aje, is one of a kind.
No one i think can bear his attitude.
But despite of all negative sides of him, there are pieces of him what i always cherish.
That are the reasons why im still here. Believing my faith on Allah and my sincerity to Aje.
I love him for him. Not because what i like and what i dont like about him. But because he is different
than any other guy.
Despite of all the flaws he has. I learn how to let it in.

He is kind of guy that will put me down for his negatives, but lift me higher for his positivity.
I dont want any perfect guy to compliments me. As i know there will be no one.
If i were to die without being with him, I will surely find him later in the other world.

He put me to a state where I almost think i could not believe i would got through it,
But now, Im glad that hes mine.
I love him not because i love him. I love him because i know Allah gives him to me.
I know my ways and paths would not be that easy. But i believe on me as Allah says so.

We fight, we cry, we hate but at the end of the day, we'll make us got through shit.

Now that my heart is tougher than ever,
I dont cry if he is busy, i dont sulk when he doesnt have time to see me..
Love is how we deal with ourselves when we are distanced.
Love is how we understand each other when we are busy.
Love is not about see each other trice a week or everyday.
Love is how u hold yourself when apart. Thats how u deal.
Matured love.
Its about how u support each other when the other in conflicts.
Its about something more than puppy love.
Its not about how u cry over when the other refused to see u.
Its not about how u sulk when he has no time for u.
Its how u understand he's suffering himself to earn some to be with u.
Its how he needs u to support him when hes at the lowest.

Im glad now that i learn to accept our distance.
Im happy bcs nw i finally happy that we are like US now.
Love also is about giving your partner his private life.
Private moments.
Until we are married, we have made ourselves clear.
Im happy, and always will be.
I hope Allah will give me many strengths onwards.
Because i love enough, i dont want to be a child brat bitch.
Because i believe in my faith enough, to keep holding myself back.
Not to quarrel over tiny things.

So Raja Hafiz, till we are HALAL. I trust in u, in us in our faith.
Thank you booyah. Thank you for everything.

Oh godd, about to tearing. :')

Au revoir, daaa

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