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Its April?? Hideous


Hello guys, its like forever i guess since i last updated my bloggay.
Not much stories. Yes, my life is kinda lame.

Hideous 1. I think i am so an unorganized person. Phftttt
I rely on my friends on the assignments' deadlines, my desktop is so crowded.
Yes, I've becoming least organized nowadays.
What are the factors??? Nahhhh, remain unanswered.

Im in my part 5. The hideous things are, the assignments came up so fast. Yes,
I still think its still early. Last time, I am bz only after the midterm.
That is, hideous two.

The 3rd hideous is, most of my lecturers comes from Professor Madya. Grrrrr
Yes, 3 of them to be precised.
However few of them are young lecturer.
The weird part is, the Professors are much more lenience. As compared to the young lecturer. Grr but madam Syukrina is nice. Like her :) And her kebarung too !

This is another part which i think scares me to death.
On to maintain my grades above the 3.5.. Phewwwww such a sweat wiping on the forehead.
Well last time i thought of going with the flow. I thought i dont want to study like i used to when in Dip.
But then, my housemates seems like to be my key drivers for me to maintain.
Yes, they are. Thanks to them !

The last hideous part is,
I think i have lack interest of feeling sad like i used to with my rship with aje.
Haha, should be the good part aint it??
But then im just worried of myself. Huhu

I Love Noraini Ismail so very muchooooosss !
Oh before i leave, let me flush u with so many many pictures of my friends and i threw a surprised birthday bash to the housemates.

Au revoir daaaa

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