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His birthday


I know i supposed to post about this long time ago.
Like months ago. Yes, it happened like already 2 months and a half ago.
I know, screw me. Imma bad blogger. In fact, it has been so many many months ago since it last updated.
Phewwwww its not that im so busy. Yes, of course i ain't. I never sign any contract to be the Prime Minister just yet.
Maybe i think i am because im over thinking and react. Maybe i thought i am the PM wannabe,
thats why i updated my post long time ago.
But, as far as i remember, PM also has time to update his life right?
I think, i got myself wrong. Yes, because PM also updates his life.
I know, im worst. lol me. Okay, now im starting to fooling around. Shut up qutiq !!!

Okay, i've been wanting to update about what im about to update like everyday.
But then, there is inner voice inside here always bothers me. Phewwww, idk.

Okay stop it qutiq. Please, get yourself real.

So, on 24th Jan to be precised. I was busying myself to prepare for my Raja Hafiz birthday.
On the morning, i woke myself and dragged my Noraini Ismail to Pasar Keramat.
I intended to cook his fav cook of mine. Which is Sambal Udang. Please google for translation for my foreigner readers. lol I wish. haha

I haven't stuffed my tummy with any foods. I cooked like so enthusiastically.
Oh not to forget to tell u that we were in arguments for like a month.
We haven't contact as a couple on that times. Phewww so imagine.

On 1 o'clock or something i finished everything.
Oh beforehand, I already dealt with his sister and mother about the plan of surprising him.
So everything is under covered until suddenly when i arrived, i saw his motorcycle parked infront.
My blood swayed up and down rapidly. Lol i got panic attacked and shaking.
Grrrr her mother then asked him to sleep upstairs. phewww but then actually, he knew it was me already. haha
Its okay, plan continue. So i tagged along his sister to buy the cake.
Phewwww and i just go back. Yeay me, i got myself safely arrived go and back. Which i never manage before.

So at 12 o'clock in the morning, they surprised him. That was it. :) Not so interesting.
But he liked it. So plan accomplished.

Okay here are few pictures her sister captured for me :)

Im happy though i wasn't there to feel the happiness and to be there for him on his birthday.
But still, i tried my best. Plus, we were arguing at that moment. Phewww

He texted me about his sadness that i was not there. huhuhuhuh love you b !

Love you

My boo

In case u are puzzling, Hafiqah is a combination of our names. HAfiz AtIQAH.
:) So that is less or more about it.
Quite sad, because i lost the pictures of his birthday gift and the card. Mhmmmmm
Formatted my phone. Grrrr

Till then,
Au revoir..

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