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Imma temp clerk OFFICIALLY

AsSalam :)

Weehooooo believe or not? Just believe.Hehe
I got accepted to be a temp clerk at HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad at the headquarter branch. Yahoooo :)

Well actually i went for interview on last Tues, which is 22nd of Jan 2013.
So i woke up very early that morning. Too excited. Just applied the day before and got called :)
How blessed i am. So the appointment is on 10am. But arrived at 9.30am something. Waiting and counting every second of it, was so depressing. It was like thousand years of waiting. Phewww.

So on Wednesday, i got called to collect my offer letter. Couldnt describe ya how was the feeling. So excited and happy.
Despite wasting my time during semester break, i eager to be job haunter. I hate being bored at home with nothing on hands to do. Urghhh

The pay is quite a number. Hehe for a temp clerk like me, its more than a YES ! Besides, Im like a fresh graduates. My practicum at BASIS (RMS) and 3 months of contract clerk at Great Eastern Life Assurance Berhad (HQ) was only a piece if to be considered as experience right.

Today when i were to collect my offer letter, has been so much tiring. Went to Uni Asia to renew my car insurance.
Gave RM200. The cashier might thought i gave RM 150. So she only return me 1rggt plus. Whereas, she supposed to return me plus another RM50. Mhmmmm such an idiot of me. Not noticing that till i was already drove far. haihh lahhh Its okay. Allah knows why.

And todayy, the Unifi ppl came to install and all. Hee now surf faster :)
Oh annd do u guys know any website to download many many movie? Korea movie also?

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