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2013 :)


Heyyo, i know its been ages. Yeah, the blame is on me. On meee !
As excited as i may sound, actually its not really an exciting week for me.
I mean, papers are extremely a burden to a students like me. Though its like actually a major duty of a student. lol

So as we (students like me, of course) all know, we are in the middle of fighting in the battleship.
In fact, this sunday already is my last paper.
I haven't went reading recently. As far as i can remember, i haven't toggle around blogs.
Yes, happens since im in degree class.
Then i just notice im lack a vocab already. Phewwwww, u know, i learn a lot by reading toggle around blogs.
But i left that habit behind since years ago. Lol 
There were some inspiring blogs i stumbled these years back then.
But i lost my bookmarks since when i couldn't remember.

Plus my battlefield has never be this tight and crucial as it is before. Im afraid it may sound pathetic beneath hidden.
Pheww what a tiring years im in... * sigh and just before i could enjoy this bizarre years,
I'm about to finish my degree years already. Lol yes, indeed.

Well, to reminiscing back moments have passed, im actually proud to be me.
Despite all the obstacles fended off, me myself also has successfully achieved few things in dream lists.
Yes, things i never imagine i can do, i did for real.
And there will a lot ahead to face. Living in this world of Allah's another creature,
makes be believe this one thing, 'if its meant to be, it means to be'.
Even how often i pray to Allah, if its not meant to be, then it just will no be to be'.
Things are bound to happen. And there are also things that never tied us.
But we have to make things happen. Yes, it ain't called jodoh if we don't go for it.
Jodoh means general here. Not necessarily jodoh between woman and man only.
If i were to fail, the blame should be focusing on me. To blame others, might be inappropriate.
Well, everything happens, caused by 360 degree sides.
Everything and everyone involve directly or indirectly is the causes.
But first and foremost, it comes from me myself.

This long post might a revenge post on behalf of those posts i've skipped. Phewww
I have been shrugging off to update my blog these days.

Its still not too late for me to list out my 2013 resolutions i guess :)
But for this time missions, let me hold 'em with me solely.
There are so many things to be accomplished, i hope i can.
Well, when things get harsh, im sure will cry and overthink overnight,
but at the very last tear of mine, i would remember, that im the winning sperm 23 years ago.

I met kindies, brutals, haters and so many other kinds of people during living.
So dealing with different ppl takes me to a several points to handle them.
Im a Libra so reading what u were thinking is my abilities.
If u like me for real, pretending to like me, hate me literally, hate me but like me and so many other types.
I can guess.
But there are these kinds of ppl who are totally nerve cracking.
Ppl with high nose, especially.
Yes, thinking that they know everything but zero.
And those who talk with zero manner. Yes, i hate that kind of ppl.
Like they are the only wise ppl in the whole wide world.
I extremely dislike them. Pheww they gotta learn on how to be nice. Please, at least dont shout.
Mhmmm i guess i've been telling u nonsense. End ya ppl here,

Au revoir, daaaa

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