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Pantai Remis

Assalam, omg omg omg !

Heee it was like, 'once upon a time' ago since my last blog post via web. lol
I've been blogging through my tab recently,
but Aje borrowed it for a couple of days.
So i was about to upload and tepek loads of pictures of me and friends at Pantai Remis, KS.
I mean, Kuala Selangor. :)
These photos im about to posts were taken like weeks ago.
Now only have the spirits to blog at last. Phfttt mind me guys.
Im so lazy, i know, yes. I was a bit busy(excuses) during my last weeks of Semester 4.
So many assigns, tests and quizzes. Hectic weeks have passed. So relieved !

Enjoy pictures below, do click 'x' on top left side of this page simply to minimize.
Please, if u think imma jerk. Warned ya, so blame me not.

Mind my fuglyness. I knew. Lol, it took me like hours to upload ya all of these pictures.
Tired already. Pheww, i mean in the waiting part.
Actually during these photos taken, we(me and a group of 4 other) were in the middle of completing our mandarin vid assign.
That was why kakfaz wrote 'Lelang Dao' which brings the meaning of Pulau Redang.
So in that vid, we were talking about to go for a vacation.
Yeahh, 'Women yao qu Lelang Dao dujia'
So almost at the very ending of this vid, *which we actually ran out of idea of what scenes to do more.
Instead, we just snap a lot of pictures of us acting like we actually went to Pulau Redang for real.
Lol whereas these photos were only taken at Pantai Remis.
Kakfaz also tag our vacations and her vacations photos to complete the ending of the video.
Yeahhh, thanx to kakfaz so much much much, she was the one who actually did the editing and so forth.
Me only contributed less than 5% of it. 
So very thankful to ever have this kind of person like kakfaz who actually don't mind to do much of the part by her only self.
We, the rest, only did less. And some DO NOT at all. Well, I'm so glad that we finally has came to the finale of this semester.
1st paper is on this coming 5th January 2013. Last paper will be on 21st i guess.
Pray for my fellow classmates a thousand lucks. And me also :)
Oh anddd about this vid, I'm not going to upload it. We looked so silly speaking in Mandarin.
Women kandedong huayupian. Lol
Okay I know a bit of Huayupian. Not all, but pretty understand the language.
As for this semester, the most 'runs me crazy' subject would be Project Management.
The proposal and thingy totally drives me crazy like never been this crazy. Stayed up and woke up early was like our THANGGGGG. Phewwwww
Had so much fun, gonna miss part4 moments later. LAYYYYYTTERRRR. lol

Au revoir, daa

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