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Heyyo guys, its been ages yes i know. I take the blame..
Recently i've been so busy with overloads tests, quizzes and assigns...
And finally here i am :-)
Enjoying every second of my days at a place we call 'Rumah Manis Rumah'
Relieving a bit, before i face my final next wek approximately..
I know i've been ignoring bloggay and guess what,
Its nearly dead... lol i mean my blog of course.
So something huge had happened during those hectic weeks
And worse still, i abonden myself a day or two..
I was infected by fungus which caused me a serious mental illness. Hehe :-)
As tragic as i may sound, these fungus still active on my skin.
Still feel that massive itchy. Urghhhh
I got it maybe because of my baby kitten that i've moved to aje.
Yes, only get infected after he found his new home at aje's place..
Grrrr its been almost 4 weeks, but still didnt fully healed.
Worse come to worse, here they go,
I have scars all over my hands and legs glass clear. Phewwww
It contagious, that few friends and also got infected. Pheww phewww,
Swear to god, i never had these kinda illness ever in my life.
Pretty shock, and of course.
I do some research about this fungus.
Its foods are yeast and sugar,
Found also that it easily moves from animal tu human. So be aware !
It likes dark and humid surrounding..
Also to make sure that u fight this fungus by strengthening yr immune system..
Hence, nowadays i syarted to consume multivutamin supplement. Hehe
And also, never to forget to treat it by anti-fungus cream. Yeahhh :-)

Enough with fungus, lets move..

Im actually bored to the max. Phewww just hope that j guys will pray fr me fr my final exam, mhmmmmm... wish fr dean list of course. Pls pls pls, be kind and prayfr me.. oh let me do it fr u..

'Ya Allah, Kau berikan lah Atiqah binti Ishak kekuatan minda untuk belajar kerana Mu Ya Allah... Kau permudahkanlah urusan beliau, Kau berikanlah dia dpt Anugerah Dekan lg utk exam kali ini.. Kau permudahkan beliau utk mudah menghafal semua pelajaran keranaMu Ya Allah..'


Au revoir, daaa

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