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Nearly Eidul-Adha

I miss hommie so much but guess tht feeling will be healed not later than 3 days more.
Im soooooooooo excited. No baju raya, for SURE.
I couldnt recall if i ever had bsju raya fr Raya Haji or what.
So these days i havent been posting to u about things happen around my chores daily.
This lazyness i had these past few months maybe due to me myself has lack of interest around my circle.
So first of all, im proudly to announce tht im officially broke.
Yes, ran out of money. Told mother, she scolded me as always.
*u should learn from these mistakes qutiq !
Lets cut it off.
Second of all, i think wht happen btween me and aje is getting worse.
Yes, worse come to worse and now im mixing around with situations.
Decided to go with the flow. But dont deny tht sometimes (not to mention once in a blue moon) i have to release myself and the best cure mybe is my powerful tears yet CEMENG. *i knew tht dint tell me.
So we were in the middle of discussion last night until he told me tht he will chnge fr good.
Nowadays he just wanna spend his quality time with enjoying.
I was confused until this moment when it came to my head,
Realizing tht yes, I HAVE TO GIVE HIM SOME SPACE.
He deserves tht. So do i.
Lets just enjoy the moment and go with flow.
Like mom alwats said,
Mama also came out with this word of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"
I admit it tht myself was trapped with this situation where i was so envy with everyone around my circle.
So maybe i should come back stand to my sense.
Leave tht immature attitude i had behind.
Stop comparing aje with the rest (exes).
Everyone is not the exactly same.
Im down and have it enough wit my past.
There will be more or less, i mean even how minuscule tht attitude is,
Still have something common but still Allah created human each came and own their uniqueness.
So im in no position yo judge aje like tht.
Stop comparing him. Stop judging him. He had done so much fr me.
And there are few things tht maybe unfortunate for me to accept.
But tht unfortunate kinda things can transform to be the most fortunate things i've ever had.
Patience is wht matter.
I have these ppl around me who i think always forever happy through my observations with my naked eyes.
Kakfaz with her incredible and sweet guy.
Fizo with her 'always there for her guy'.
Rin with her 'insecure always want u by my suede guy'
Are is not defeated himself,
He always wants to try fr me. Even sometimes he's quite annoying.
But when in person, he can be the most sweetest guy i've ever had.
Mhmmmmmm, I'll try my best to defend us.
Though i always ask for break up, im pretty sure he won't let me go away that easy.
Besides, I'm pretty sure that he's the one.
I already perform istikharah trice.
And i saw his face in my dreams.
But just to play safe, i wont hope so much neither i care too less.
He promise to change. Sooner or later, that will have to wait.
But once married, he will always be with me.
Hope he will grant all his promises.
I pray to Allah.
Also still has probability that he won't..
I dont hope that high.
Few pictures for yr eyes catcher.
Till then,
Au revoir...

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