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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


Its LDK. phewwwww

Heyyyooooooo i mean AsSalam. Huehue
So i know yes, im aware of my laziness these few months !
I havent been update my bloggay for so so long time already.
I habe few reasons of course. Fyi, i have to stop and cut my connection btween blog and me as maxis has reduced my quota since forever though i already paid the bills last week !
Yeahhh, that ine thing, another reason im too lazy.
Yes, bca nowadays i've been tab-ing with my newly gifted from my hubby !
Heeeeeee i love my love.
So nw im online-ing and blogging using my tab 2.
Oh yes, and im so regret as this year i didnt blog about my birthday batch.
Im so thankful and blessed as surrounded by the most lovely creature within my circle.
The best year ive ever had. Yeahhhh
First, my classmates threw a surprised birthday party fr me.
Also my boo impressed me by fired the fireworks :-)
Oh myy, im so blessed. Also this Samsung Galaxy tab 2. He gave me this as birthday present.
Ohhh anddd ive already signed up to Instagram.
These are few photos from my instagram..
Do follow me @qutiqishak. Hewhewwwww
Thats all fr nw.
Au revoir, daaaaa


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Qutiq Ishanee said...

Thnks everyone