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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



Last saturday went to icity again.
So much chnges made.
Enough with words,
Lets catch yr eyes with these visual aids
Also went to cinema beforehand
Oh and those 2 babies in the house.
Scene o Aina hitting on Iqram.
And love to post my dear hazwani, eldest anak buah.
Shes growing up well 14 to be exact
Suddenly miss my 14 y/o moments.
Oh andahea following my steps.
In a way of dressing her up. Cant u see?
She was checking her eyes.
Check up for her short-sighted.
No astigmatism, luckily. I got and it is bad one.
An optometrist once told me my case is special one.
Very rare, i mean 1 person of 1000 in ratio.

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