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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



Okay due to the max boringness i had.
Im blogging to u... again.
As far as i coukd remniscing,
I have not introduce u to my housemates. So here u go,
So whatt i have here are 5 peep, in the house.
Kakfaz, kakika, mira and run. I mean, RIN. Lol *spell it right qutiq
So basically, fizo is out of the list. She's not renting like us.
But we always welcome her home.
So she is more or less like menumpang only.
I did drag her to rent with us. But rejection msg received not long after.
Huahua quite dramatic right...
I like all of them . We click together except tht 1 girl.
Let her be. Phewww im more comfortable with fizo(sometimes not), kakfaz, mira, kakika and rin accordingly.
Fizo sometimes can be the jerk. Hahahahahahha
Not to forget to mention tht, i miss the situation in the house already. Kbai

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