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This post im about to post is quite emotional.
I used to have a bff when was in high sch..
Moments created and i was so overshadowed by the memories we shared.
I believe she was a bff bcs we perfectly fit to each other in a click.
Nowadays i only can stalk her through fb.
I talked about her every now and then and never stop.
She was once who i called bff is no longer the same person i used to know.
Great things happened to her and im glad.
Not that glad actually.
Guess im even glad if i could share everythings now also.
I miss to cry in my bad times with her.
I miss those moments when we happened to stare at someone and laughed together another second.
Yes, she knew exactly what i were thinking.
I always tell myself to give up. But i never did.
I always hope i hate her, but never could.
At least, i can see her smile photos.
At least, i still can see her updates.
Im a stalker. Not really the bad one.
Not necessarily to stalk her every minutes.
Twice a month, i do toggle through her fb.
She was the first to ever give me a birthday cake. Im touched. That was it to share.
Till then, au revoir.

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