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Blur vision

AsSalam, so i was in a quizzical state when dear fatin suddenly tweet me something abt my astigmatism.
I was puzzling wondering why was she asking,
Whereas i've been telling her like years ago.
So im not tht person who stand still when something questions my mind.
Keep thinking about it, until i stumbled upon this google, browse through about this disease called  ASTIGMATISM..
Until i realize that it is a whole lot vice versa.
Not only in term of how we spell it,
Also on how actually they were defined. Phfttt
All this time, i thought glare and astigmatism is 1 same thing.
Lol sory my habibty.
Idk, the optometrists keep telling me that i have a very high astigmatism.
And they always relate it to silau.
So i just assume that thing is silau in malay.
This astigmatism i had, from the optometrist himself,
Due to reading in dark, staring at comp in dark,
Extreme long light staring. And many other related causes.
So that were the reasons i cant drive at night,
Also the reason why my contact lense cost me so expensive.
Normal price for average brand of spectacle that usually cost only RM300 also increased to RM500 and above due to my astigmatism.
And my current spect power also is not the exact power of my eyes.
Have to buy a new one.
I cant see from far. Phewwww im about to blind i guess. :(


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