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Setia City Mall

Yesterday start my first class for the semester 4.
Started at 830 am, but we didn't showed up in the morning. Luckily the lecturer didn't come to class also.
Thanks god, second class was running as normal. Sir Ariff is a good lecturer. Not because he appointed me as the Class Representative, but he is one of a kind.
Later went to 3rd class lecture of the day, but the lecturer didn't show up.
So i dragged my housemate aka classmate to Setia City Mall. heee :)
Had a good time, andd me just can't resist Charles & Keith. Bought one worth RM199.00. So in love !
Here are photos <3 p="p">

The delicious Baked Medi

Meet Atiqah K

Kak ika is what i call her

That bag seriously caught my heart. But the zip area was too small :(

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I wonder which one

Shoessssssssssssss ! :*

Swap time

That's it. Catch with u later.
Au revoir, daaaa

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