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Bukit Cerakah@Bukit Cahaya@Taman pertanian

AsSalam, today's activity was quite challenging. 
lol Maybe because i'm so lazy to work  myself out. Jyeahhh
I have this belief that, skinny ppl don't have to go for work out.
Yes, kill me. I know the real fact, it's not !
This is like what i believe. lol
Maybe i'm afraid it will burn my tiny calories. lol

So instead, i was dragged by all lovely buddy and have to ignore all those beliefs i've built like years ago.
We made myself 'terpacak' at Bukit Cerakah's gate early in the morning.
As early as 7.30am. phewwww what a tiring waiting moment.
Another an hour before me and fizo run to the ticket counter lol
Blame me not, we just don't want to queue so long in the line. Phewwww

As we arrived inside the park, we made ourselves to be the first group again at the bycycle line. lol
HAHAHAHA so batak of us. phewwww

And here u go, the pictures of us. Sory, loads of photos.
Don't continue if yr going to puke. 40++ of them. 

Loads of pictures i've already reminded u right??

i looked horrible, yes i know that. Dont tell me.

Till the next activity,
Au revoir, daaa


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gedik.....nak no tel blh...=P