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Moments to remember

AsSalam, on last Friday 3rd August, aje fetched me up at Uptown Sect 24 area.
A lovely friend of mine dropped me there. Had an Iftar with him :)

@Shah Alam Sect 17 maybe

Mind my fugly face. I didnt touch up since the morning i woke up at 7am. phewww 12 hours non-stop.
At night, me, him, ibu and nana went to Uptown Danau Kota. Arrived home nearly 1am. Count that girl, more than 12 hours. Phewww imagine how uncomfortable i am with myself. Ewwww gross. lol but its okay. He doesn't mind that anyway.

The next day, shopping with deary ma. Bought heels for raya at Summit, Aeon Wangsa Maju. Got 50 percent off. RM59.90 from RM119.90. Later on the evening, had iftar with my lovely bff. :)
Here are us:

omgggg, 2 persons eat like whole family lol

I look poyo

me and farah

Had fun with u girl :) We broke fasting at Restoran Said Ali.
Reasonable price. Buffet per head cost only RM20.00 excluded the drinks.
But of course u can take many foods as much as u can. Don't waste, a reminder !

On last Monday 6th August to be exact, he sent me back to UiTM Puncak Alam.
Before then, we caught Step Up 3DD Revolution. Still, Dark Knight Batman leads the list. :)
Aje bought me Kurung Moden for Baju Raya. Awwww, thx love.
myself yg tk reti dduk diam self cam kt sun roof dia



this picture makes me look funny or me myself is funny?

Iftar-ed together again. Bought some foods at small Bazaar Ramadhan near Fasa 3 Puncak Alam.
Then went to Mcd Puncak Alam. Ordered sets of McChicken and Quarter Pounder.
Nahhhh, only to blinded the staffs. We didn't eat what we ordered. We ate one we bought at Bazaar.

Had so fun with family, friends and heartthrob :)

Till then, Au Revoir.

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