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Candle light Iftar


I was so tired and energy less the moment i type this entry. Just got back from the hectic busy Danau Kota Uptown. Phewww i wonder why people nowadays like to increase their generations and bring 'em along to such busy place like Uptown. Dont they found it will be much easy and comfortable to just laying while breast feeding the babies? Why lah have to tag along their babies?????? Also the strollers, i found are quite annoy. Duhhhh !

So on 2nd August, i have created another precious moment in Bachelor Lane with my classmates. Wohooooo we had an Iftar at Laman Kasih, Sg Buloh. Lack of food, but vary the captured moments. lol Im so gonna reminiscing 'em once i grow old.

Before hand, let me post all the incredible gorgeous moments to uuuuuuu, first. heehehehehe

Sory, drafted this entry for the past 2 days. lol Now already at college again. Phewww alone and lonelyyyy

Au Revoir, daaa

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