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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



AsSalam, today woke up as usual. 8 something.
Then crawling on the bed, switch my position angles, dreaming of things, thinking of things, reminiscing things back and forth.
Ohhhhhhh i can see all my notes messily scattered lying on the floor. Feel bad :(
I put it on the right side of me on the bed last night. Idk why my cute sleeping position could dropped them all. lol
Checked my bb, twitter, fb, bbm nahhhhhh scrolling down for almost an hour.
Idk why i keep on doing the same things again and again.
See the same tweets, fb posts and bbm status updates. lol BORING.
Finally then i woke myself literally up. Grabbed my hairbrush, walked front.
Yes, i finally comb my hair. Lol

Yesterday, fought with aje. I asked for the same thing (idk how many times i've been asking for it, like everyday). Argued on the sms since he deleted me on bbm. Harsh words and all finally he called me.
Talked, yelled, cried oh yes, he dropped his tears. Couldn't stand with this one. I feel so very sorry.
Calmed him, and pulled my words back for asking break up. Haihhhhhh.

MISS HIM ALREADY. And what the $^*(#@ I'm doing right noww??? I should read my notes ! Got paper tomorrow. Oh wait, LAST PAYYYYYYPPPPPERRRRR. -remember johan in 'lawak ke der'? lol Last paper is on upcoming Saturday. Can't wait till then. Horrreeeyyyyyyyy !

Sem break for a week only :( Will fill the '1 week' to the fullest, maximize my apple times :) wootttttt !
I speak write too much. Dont get bored. Im sorry.
Here are an old times pictures for my karangan redemption.

Those pictures was long time ago. During my colleagues wedding ceremony. Last year, for sure. He suffered from flu. That was why lah his face is like that. lol
Au revoir, daaa

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QweensheesZ said...

so sweet..^^