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Saturday, Jun 30th, 2012


Yesterday dated out with love. Went to Sunway Piramid, not interested. Movies were late. I have to get back to college early since have to rest for study. But unfortunately, i don't study last night. Too tired already by the time reached room.
Back to story, first we drove through Mcd, had in car brunch with him. We later shifted location to Summit, nearest place for movie hunting i guess.
I actually wanted to catch Brave. But wasn't a lucky day yesterday, so just watched Mael Lambung. Not bad lahh.
Then he sent me back before we ate together and i tagged him along to Dining Hall to buy Beef Burger there.
He bought me 2 bangles and a neclace at Summit also not forget to buy for her mother and sister too.

Enjoy pictures.

bajet hensem

Love igt dia comel lah camtuuuewww

yg ni pun poyo
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pdan muka dpt captured muka spudal dia

kasi penumbuk

okay i lg comel dr love. fullstop
gigi love senget kan?

stuck in jammed doesn't mean we have to be stressfull

on the way to summit

i lg comel kn serious?
okay jgn ckp, i pun tk knal ni siapa. dayummm

okay yg ni bajet comel sket jap

no caption dah

mcm takut je tgk kepala ular tu

This morning i woke up with tears. I dreamed of something bad. Love had a kid with other girl. Funny and tragic simultaneously. Phftt but more to sad, thats why i had my tears out. Then i got emo and sent long texts to aje. Off my bb's coverage connection. So he couldn't get me. Today got somebody's wedding. His friends. I guess he'll wake up at 11 maybe. Im a bit touching at the moment. But have to study. huh, kbai
Tomorrow i have my 2nd paper. Pray for me okayy?

p/s: Berkali-kali tepek muka yg sma pose from myself. Lol i know that. Haha
Au revoir, daaa

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