Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


Ramdhan Al-Mubarak


Let this year Ramadhan be better than the last time. Let us worship to Allah and grab good deeds as many as we can. Double the Ibadah.
And, please stop sending those harsh words, bad words, curse words and so on.
Because u'll never can count how many sins u've collected.
All is on u, because u posted it. So let us start updating or tweet about nice things.
Of course things that would reward u in a good way :) The more ppl RT or like yr status, the more deeds u gained. Am i right?
Not to forget, pls stop using avatar, dp that shows yr Aurah.
Let us also not to skip our 5 'Waktu Solat Wajib'. As u only will suffer from thirst and hungry.
No good deeds u'll get in return if u don't perform yr Solat.

Oh let me shift this post to a bit personal,
Tmorrow gonna celebrate the first day of fasting in Ramdhan with the family. I am so glad :)
Eldest sister is coming. Iftar with them, can't wait. 2nd day maybe with family-in-law.
The remaining day onwards, maybe will spend more with classmate. Which is i think personally fun-less. lol
Will update about my Iftar more. Hehe

Till then, Au Revoir

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