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8th day of Ramadhan


Its already the 8th day of Ramadhan and the 7th day since i left my blog unwritten.
Not many to tell. Things are jumbled to one another. Yes, im in my intersession month. Passed the ice-breaking week. We had 40++ members in the class. I only know few of them. Of course the few-of-them goes to my classmates from last semester. hehe Im taking the Human Resource Utilization's course for the short course.
Yes, Human Resource is minor of Office System Management's program.

Nowadays, we've been searching for houses to rent. We'll moved out to rented house next semester. Cant wait !
I am super excited. Had to struggle to find the lowest rate also because now we left 4 person only.
Fed up with the rest. Playing like kids. Phfttt skip them.

Me and aje are like getting worse between us. I always pray to Allah to just erase this feeling. It would be much easier.

Till then,
Au Revoir

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