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As u noticed, i've been posting quite posts in a week. Oh yeahhh, i have apple times these days. Despite busying myself with studying, i do intimating myself with ze social network, of course. Haha its not like i had myself suddenly bursts into so many bunch of ideas. I just wanted to be manja-manjaclosed to my deary blog. Oh not to forget to tell ya that i've installed a diary app at my blackberry handheld. Oh speaking about phone, i can't hold myself nowadays to own a Samsung Galaxy phone, regardless what model it is as long as the OS is Android. Oh waiii, i found it cool !

Today i woke up at 8:40am feeling myself a bit dizzy (until now) maybe bcz last night i took 2 pills of flu. Feeling a bit lazy like my eyes was half opened while holding myself to pee. lol quite dramatic right? Read aje's text on bbm. Oh love, :)

Tomorrow as told in previous post, i will be seating my first paper. Oh no, battlefield again ! Still didn't load many topics in the head. Can i just drink in all my notes?? Tomorrow i'll be the real student of UiTM fighting herself to get the best mark of all. Omg, dramatic again. End there, qutiqqq.

Yesterday i was disturbed by a sex maniac asking me to join him masturbate. I was likeeeee huhhhhhhh?????? Astaghfirullah. He ended to delete me in the bbm list after i stop replying him. Luckily i managed to screen grabbed the texts between him and i. Lol gross enough okayy !

Stop here, Au revoir, Daaaa

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