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today i was so moody.
yesterday i wasnt feeling well. aje came to give me medicine.
he bought me again the ferrero rocher (5's) tapau me ns goreng and he sent me back to kolej.
thx hubby

ns goreng and my fav choc

idk why he included the muscle pain killer. lol

maybe he thought im dying.
that was why he came up with bunch of pills. lol yr making me die. not im dying. lol

he bought me that choc bcz the last one he bought, 
i dont wanna eat 'em.
too sayangg lahhh. haha so i told him that.
and he bought me the small one :) so sweet of u.
i replaced 2's at the box. ate 2, gave to my rommate 1.

hello there *mango red handbag
saje je letak gmba gedix2 tu. lol

i picture grabbed those bbm btween me and him. :)   *hugs

taken during 3y anni celeb

today i dont have the mood. first day on period.
tmrrow got quiz and speech.
quiz is my priority. but still didnt start my stdy.
im lazy and outta mood. somebody pls read for me and lets exchange brain for a while.
im pissed off with all these stuffs already. sleep late again, wake early again.
huhhhhhh seriously?????? bachelor is tougher than dip.
i hate record and software and ob and many more.

those pictures that i was wearing the polkadot blouse and zebra printed shawl taken when i had my day out with nok.
hunting for Snow White and The Huntsman and Piranha 3DD. SW is the best compared to Piranha.
caught 'em at WangsaWalk TGV.
phfttt au revoir, daaa

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