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yesterday i said i wanna buy that heels. :(

today hubby showed up at my place,
yesterday when i asked him when he'll fetch me, then he said surprise, cant tell.
so today bcz he suddenly showed up when i was about to sleep,
i just wore tshirt and cardigan and tudung indon tu.
i didn't expect he'll be too early as i just thought of sending my parents to tawakal hosp
so instead i just asked him to send them along.

he did many surprise,
i found ferrero roche box at his front car seat.
then i asked, he said, 'kalau tknk tkpe'
omg fr the first time ever he bought me my fevret choc ! lol

we had a fought again td. lol we ended up cry with each other. lol

today i wanna buy the shoes, but at kl festival outlet tkd lg.
geram btul dgn nichi ni. asal tk update je smua brg serentak kt smua outlet.
so aje said next time :( pretty sad. huh

and as always, hubby bought me cheese cake from secret recipe. my fav.

done here, au revoir, daaa

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