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exam part 3 bachelor

27th June is my first paper-Communication for Office Professional II. phfttt
wish me luck okay. carry marks for all subjects are still hidden.

comm's quizzes results;
quiz 1-24/25
quiz 2-20/25
quiz 3-23/25
comm's assignments still don't have results.

Organizational Behavior test;
test 1-31/60
test 2 and assigns still don't come out yet.
scrap book assign-8/10

Management of Administrative Records II quizzes;
quiz 1-45/50
quiz 2-32 and half/50
quiz 3, assigns, tests still don't get the result.

Reading and Critical Thinking tests
all forgot.

Administrative Office Management II quizzes;
quiz 1-39/40
quiz 2-36/40
quiz 3 still don't have on hand.
assign and test also.

Advanced Office Software Applications/Advanced Integrated Software Applications quizzes;
quiz 1-26 and a half/40
quiz 2-26/40
quiz 3-32/40
assign excel-100/100
the rest still don't get, also the common tests.

thats all. i don't know wht to say. i have 5 papers for exam this sem.
sftware and ob is quite tough. hope to get A+ for comm, AOM, record and sftware.

au revoir, daaa

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