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bcz i cant sleep

aje asked for break up. i tell u straight forwardly with a feeling of empty.
i called him when i was at the movie hall, bcz i wanted that heels at Nichi's so bad
 rm80. i dont wanna spend, so i asked him lahh. he didnt pick up.
i was huh brani kau eh?
then he called me back. 'hello yang knp?' and i  just straightly hang up.
bcz i knw he still wants me.
so when tmrrow he send me to uitm puncak.
and bfre that i will ask him to go to kl festival city. bcz there got Nichi boutique.
haha idk if the exactly heels i found at ts one will have at kl festival city's one.
but will try. cant wait. wanna knw how it looks alike? wait up.

do u know why im pretty sure he will buy?
bcs last tues when i tried it on at ts's Nichi,
i snapped a pict a send to him and ask his opinion.
he said lawa, and asked him to buy for me. but that time when he replied me,
its already late that we were at the other kedai already. too lazy to get back there.
and also bcz this morning bfre we fought, i asked him fr money to shop and buy that shoes.
he said he'll pay tmrrow, and use my money first.
mhm idk why i tell u all these stuffs.
that kasut only cost rm80 ! hopefully at kl festival city's outlet, will have same heels.
hahaha i have many that i dont use anymore. even the heels that i never wear at all.
mhmm i like shoes.

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