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Ze MidTerm

AsSalam guys,
sory for being missing for weeks.
these days i've become so lazzayyyyyyyy to update my bloggay.
i didn't do much during my a week holiday. nightlife???
errrrr, my limit is only until 2-3 am.
so i was just hanging out with friends, chilling with family.
here are some pictures for u;

meet fafa !

FunFair Taman Dagang

outing with mummy ! :( miss that necklace

idk which comes first, whether outing with mummy or fa? lol

the three of us? why they look suit together lol #jelous

shes wore wedges, i wore flat pump shoes ! im taller than her in real life. lol

baru keluar MAHKAMAH. hahaha

look at his tummy ! omaigaddddd i love 6 pax ! not that double layer tummy !

qutiq spudal

those moments were on Sunday 22nd April to be precise. me was sulking with aje actually, then had a big fight and he left me before 7pm. uhukx :(

tutty frutty timee :) thx abg lang aka roy aka ex fa ! haha

fa serious muka lawak !
thx to roy :) went to mali's corner bunga raya before then we jlan2 at DORAI. ahahaha
bajet nk msuk club. then tutty futti hunting at Danau Kota

mls nk rotate.

so excited !

see something different?
these was on last Fri, 27th April. aje wanted to repeat our date so he took half day and came to see me ! :)
thx hubby. watched The Avengers. omg, not so excited. Battleship is better. too much talking. urghhh then we headed to Taman Dagang, dine in and later to FunFair again. with aje. watched 3D for The Avenger earlier made me migraine, so cant really enjoy the FunFair moment. i cant help myself from throw out. urghhh, bad night :(

last sunday then, he sent me to PA. phftt back to normal college life. urghhhhh

au revoir, daaa

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