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Graduation pictures + Anniversary moments + CK BAG ! ALL IN ONE againnnn. #entri bnyk gila gmba

AsSalam, it has been so longgg right??? pardon me pls guysss. lol
so this time i will update u moreeee and moreeeee.
yr so will be sick seeing too much visual aids. lol
lets begin !

my graduation date fell on last 14th may. i was so excited that my adrenaline rushed up and down so very hard. of course guys, my name was called like this
well actually i couldnt recall whether they mention that 1st class or not.
im so really nervous, lol and here u go

can u spot??

diploma holder only, qutiqqq long way to go !

i am intentionally make it small as i dont want any mislead will happen in future. lol
just so lazy to edit it. mhmmm
andd some more to feed yr eyes guysss,
perarakan keluar para graduan :)
strongest dad alive !
ada mcm cinapek tk?
quite blur :(
my ex classmate ! rindu gila
meet fairos, mira, ika, az, me and fazilah :) (ex-clssmates)
muhhhhh MOTHERRR !
its me. lol very arabian sgttt
ANC's girlsss :)
hensem kn my bff's guy??
with beloved guy <3
meet mira and kakika (my current classmates at degree)
my che nurul syafiqqah, guyss
capturing moments with DATO' Vice Chancellor ! thx for the flower though !
spot me !

can u see me again?

no u cant see me !

:) all of them ANC student ! 28 of us
to shorten the story, my parents went to my brother's place(TAIPING) on the saturday before the graduation day.
as i arrived Sri Iskandar on sunday, just a day before the graduation day.
i have to pick up my jubah and all. so i slept over with rin and her family at the homestay nearby.
my session was supposed at afternoon. but have to come earlier than the rest.
since i have pictures' sessions with DATO' VC. :) the most exciting part right??
no to forget to mention that it was a tiring day too.
i didn't touch up since the morning (at 9 am) since im too lazy for that.
my face was so oily. huh
i told u that i came earlier to the hall since i have that photo sessions right?
thats why i let my parents stayed at my brother's place.
as i dont want to trouble my lovely parents.
my brother sent off my parents at UiTM after that photo sessions.
later after finish the ISTIADAT, caught the bus at Sri Iskandar's bus station.
thx to ika's guy for dropping me and parents day.
couldnt repay back !
that was it, move on

so today, which is on sat, 19th, aje grant his promise to buy me bag :)
i picked Charles & Keith ! <3
here it is,
fugly me
me and love
so we caught ngongkrong. not so bad. phftttt
and not so many ppl watch it too today.
maybe its the weekdays. we paid for normal seat. but we sat at couple seat. hehe
then aje parked at sri rmpai's station and we took the LRT to KLCC.
he was so lazy to drive and asked me to do so,
of course i am too. haha

i will update ya about my 3rd year anniversary moments :)
we celebrated it not at the actual date (3rd may 2012)
not too late right? on the sat (5th may) he fetched me at college.
then along with his mom and sis, we went to Sunway Lagoon.
enjoyed every second of it. but i was so tired :(
ibu also was suffered from queasiness. (sbb ktorang naek kapal yg tbalek2 tu)
pity her. so i let aje and his sister to enjoy the outdoor games. phfttt
actually planned to dinner at Soeul Garden, but ibu forbid us.
sent ibu to house since she wasnt well.
tagged her sister along. dinner at Flaming Steamboat at Danau Kota.
and shopped at Uptown :) love it !
that was it. i made a jar of hear. but didnt snap it :(
its bad already right?
so lets the pictures talk;
so cute both of us right :) hee puji sndr
cliche' me
amboiii bergaya
our cake :p
hubby u dont have sixpack :( but sixlayerpacks

i know myself is ugly. haha
so that was all to update u guys :)
will update ya maybe later or sooner. hehe
oh anddd, i was so delightful to actually realize that me and aje has finally turned 3.
what could be on earth that will overwhelm me right?
we're still counting and hope that this will be endless ♥

andd, sory mls nk buat zoom in effect sbb tlalu bnyk gmba. lol
au revoir, daaa

last word; ibubapa aku mgkin kurang dr segi kaya harta. tp mereka kaya dgn doa' dan sbb itu sy dpt berjaya mcmni :)

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