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Isolation from misery

As salam,

these few weeks or months to be precise,
i didnt pamper my bloggay since forever
i have this dialog coming from my inner self
that denying me from letting myself to be outspoken directly to my bloggay.
i also not to forget to mention that have this spell on me,
that making me feel lazy to wander around blogs.
only when some days in a week, ill on my dashbord.
its already a month i guess since i stepped on bachelor line.
the cultures and beliefs are quite different that i still didn't tackle most of them.
few quizzes passed already, still cant adjust.
i had been struggling with my inline relationship circle.
everything is getting tough, including this.
posts by posts ive been telling u about my relationship problem,
so u know it gets worse day by day.
almost there, i know its almost.
i get the feeling that, me and him will soon end US. i dont know, sense tells me.
i hope not. cause god knows how much i love him.
here a visual aid for yr eyes' view.

a moment to remember
anyway beby, do u want me to update about this too?
i'll make it for u. tell me okay?? till then,
au revoir, daaa

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