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Ze happy week END !

As Salam,
i like it that my title sounds doublet. haha yeahhh, weekend and a week end. lol
cut it off,

jump to highlight as titled.
intro again,
hello my dead blog ! EFFIN' MISS YAA ! yes, i really really miss you !
kill me, i know im a bad blogger. -.-'
here are few photos captured during my week end that has finally turned tu week ended. haha
*still playing with that words !

i safely arrived home on last Thurs... thx mira's bro for tagging us along !
god knows what will happen if mira's bro didn't help me.
might end up alone spending this whole weekend ! urghhh

so that night, i tagged fa along to uptown danau !

but didn't captured any photos for imaging moment. phfttt

the next day, on Fri to be exact,
i had ma asking for my help to drove her and her bf to batu caves, gombak.
then on dining chit chat lunch with few friends, at sweet bowl wangsa walk,
after, caught karoeke and bowl at the same mall.
weeeeee had a good time dear !

on Sat, me spent the time with beloveddddd mom.
drove her to wangsa walk and carrefour later then.
groceries and book hunting at Popular bookstore.
i spent my last piece of 1M voucher. haha too bad, cant keep it !

lunch at RasaMas carrefour w.maju

mama bought this for me, gorgeous vintage bangle right??
the not-so-bad-performance for the day

this is the most exciting part,
me and mama went to National Craft Day 2012 exhibition !
woot, all the crafts caught my naked eyes, feel so vintage-ly girllssss, haha
and at night, just lepaking with fa, her bf roy and handsome sharq.
omg, im so gonna fall for him if hes not happened to be 'Peng'. phewwwww

Andddd, saturdayyy nighttt !
while waiting for faaa

miss you darlingggg
snapped by her phone ! pecahhh
:) sukaaa nyeeee
anddd, below is todayyy :(  25th March 2012. uhukx have to go back to Puncak.
soo sadddd

last but never be least
gorgeous gila kann. suweetttt

thats all :) au revoir !

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fatinah amir. said...

wah baby tudung u dh match dah dgn ur car theme hehe