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Week of ice-breaking

As Salam,
this week happens to be not-so-ice-breaking-week i tell ya,
we haven't yet enter our clss. i did once, but it was a very short time until i stepped out.
the lecturer came up last minute, seeing only less than 5 students came up, she decided to postpone our ice-breaking session. haha Miss Intan, my first lecturer to introduce u guyssss.
she's youngggg, can see from her reckless face. yeahhhh, we thought she was a student like us from looking at her back. haha
this week, definitely i will end up stuck in my room again. phfttttt
but tell ya what, the college is much different than at Perak campus.
here, is more like a house. small living room, installed with 3rooms for 2 person each. and a toilet where we had toilet and 2 bathrooms. woot :) i thought we're staying at Apartment. hahah

thats all, daaa

*this entry should be before Bachelor lane is still remaining un-entered. lol

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fatinah amir. said...

good luck in your bachelor life u can do it!