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Life in bachelor laneee

As Salam,
i haven't been online for so longggggggggggg. i know, yes my bad.
i entered my 2nd year in degree already.
yes i got credit exemption until part 2.
so my starter part will be part 3.
im still at Puncak Alam,
this weekend will leave to Setapak.
loads to settled down. im trying to apply for car sticker.
i knew that it only can be applied to those who stay outside the campus,
well, im just trying my luck lol :p hope mine will be approved.
i just cant stand climbing those batu caves stairs. oh myyyy, i thought i broke my legs last day. haha
oh not to forget, i bought bb bold 3 already :)

thats all for now i guess. im more into twitter these days.
easier to update via my blackberry. search for me qutiqishak :)
okay, daaa

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Teyn said...

Puncak Alam? UiTM student ke? =)
I UiTM shah alam. =)