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Bachelor lane is still remaining un-entered.

As salam,
i know, its my bad for been procrastinating to update my bloggay.
haha since i got my bb, this lazy disease has been attacking me. lol quite dramatic i guess. haha
so i was just tooled around at fatinah's blog, so i was like attracted to update bloggay again. lol
these classes i had so far are done between the first hour before it actually had to end. lol
most of them are faster than that haha. yeahhh,
im sitting at class B, most of students avoid to be here.
as it got 1 class during Fri, but u know, why does that matter to u?? lol, it does to me actually. haha
but u know, its a free point right? 1 class only at Fri morning
how that could be bad to u enough? righttt?
it was a really exhausting feeling to have when everytime u enter the class u see no one but a group of u only !
haha the lecturer also couldn't come with 1st lesson since its only a small group of us. 6 of us to be exact. phftt
its already 2nd week of lecturesssss, mhmmmmm
we'll see what will happen tomorrow okay guysss?
stop there, move on with my personal stuffs. hehe :)

me and aje work okay. not really well, but okay i repeat.
for the past weeks ago, we had this very much downs than the ups.
yeahhh we arguing over small things, and he had been neglecting me.
like im extinct already. hahaha
all things run between me and aje hit me once at all.
duhhh, we were like in ons and offs for so many times i couldnt count.
as much as things hit me, i make myself clear thattttt,
i've never had anyone fit with me in my life like this until he showed up !
so u know what i mean right? cut it off, i've started fooling around.
anddd now, i start missing mama already though i went home last weekend.
cinonet also, im still in process in status. haihhhhh
hopefully the upper management will approve my application for car sticker very near soon.
i saw few cars already been clamped by the security. phftttt luckily i didn't get cinonet here.
i'll end up embarrassed myself then righttt?
these few days again, i've been spending my time - all-hours-spare-time with sleeping.
anddddd i eat like thres no tomorrows. haha
seriously i eat like 4 times a day - excluded my roti and junkfoods times. haha
i hope to gain many fats so i can face-to-face-ly chatting with beby fatinnnn ! can't wait
we make our promise once she loses and i gain ! hehe
yeahh, make a promise shoot :) and grant it soon. haha
hopefully right bebyyyy?

till then, will update ya okay? couldn't upload any photos since my berukband walking too slow ! phftt
au revoir, daaaa

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