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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


when in doubt, double F make it clear.

As salam,
see, i never break my promise right? lol #finger crossed
so lets start accordingly,

actually, the first event came was me with pink blouse.
hang out with nokk as usual.
shemale is a kind friend of mine who always treats me for movies.
lol, im going for a movie today also. yeahhh marathon again. love you this deeeeeeeep bebehhhh.
i fetched him up at Sri rmpai station i guess maybe after zohor and headed to Wangsa Walk.
yeahh, usually i will perform zohor first, then i'll make myself out of home.
we had fun. i couldn't recall when was it. lol my memory is very bad right?
so, enjoy visual aids guys !

haha pity nokkk. lol i find this picture looks awkward. phftt

i no, im so skinny. don't mention !

hahahha lawak lah muka nokkk
few photos i know this time.
yeahhh, bcz i only rely to him for visual aids u know.
since my phone has no camera. lol
today, i'll make sure myself to bring along the camera. don't forget qutiqqqqqqqqqq !

okay move on,

so last sunday on 12th feb, me and mama hanged out together.
i dragged her to Lake Garden and wanted actually to go to Tugu Negara. but guess what,
as i took the u-turn, i missed the road and accidentally the road led us to another way. lol
no way to go back there, so we just headed to Taman Titiwangsa. i know, i'm bad. pity mother !
we always call it TT. short form. haha that place was my serong place way back when i'm in secondary. lol
visual aids again *oh my, i forget to tell this entry loads with pictures. haha

just throw out if u want to

my name Atiqah Ishak. deal with it. lol

mama was so late. camwhored like no one cares. lol

its my lovely mother !
konon tgah photoshoot ke qutiq?

mama dh bosan nk layan

pity mama. sory to make u snap loads pictures of me. haha

bajet je lah niii duhh

at least not me again -.-' meet ttwangsa fountain, guys haha :)

its me, yeah u know it right. lol

mama seriously bosan tgk qutiq tgkp gmba like literally. haha

hello there, im such a poser. lol

okay, time to drive back homeeeeee

it was a lovely day, but a bit bored since there were only 2 of us.
imagine i dragged all 10 of my anak2 buahs. lol plus 1 comes in way.
must be shifted to a chaos day right??

oh next entry will post about aje's birthday celebration. sory, this entry is too overload with pictures.
more coming its way, haha
double F is family and friend !
till then, au revoir.

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