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short update

As salam,

(from now on i'll greet u As salam as short form of Assalamualaikum, maybe will discuss later why)

this post is like a short and fast update from me.
since u notice that i've switched my background from the polk-a-dot thingy,
u might notice also that im in love with leopard print right?
white leopard print is recently has been my addiction, i tell yaa.
i even decorated my ciconet with that theme,
soon will change my cinonet inner with full leopard print also if suitable.
i had myself white & brown leopard prints' shawls too.
but u know, not so really in love with the brown color.
idk why.

jump on,

these days, i've been a bit busy with my opening degree semester.
i cant wait. seriously i cant.
tons of things were still hang up.
next friday will tag ika along to UiTM Shah Alam to get our mini transcripts.
quite complicated as we have to postpone our payment to PTPTN.
anddddd, will have to stop by to UiTM Puncak Alam idk when,
to submit my application letter to College Resident Unit along with abah's payment slip.
duhhhhhhh all have to be done fast.
if not, things will get messy in the end.
my life is not at the hectic stage of life just yet. but nearing the top i guess.
soon, once i step my feet at Puncak Alam like officially. lol
i can't tell ya how excited i am, guys !
stuck for half year here at home, explains everything. try it !

all in all, i just cant wait till then :)
and will update guys later okay.
oh well, this 14th feb, will celebrate aje's belated birthday.
i know, pretty late right? but that day coincidently,
aje took his off day as he has to renew his road tax and all.
so he said earlier that he'll fetch me up.
then the idea of celebrating his birthday came up.
well, the other day, i dont came up with proper celebration.
he also left his birthday card at cinonet. what theeee????
so this time moment, i'll buy him cupcakes and a bit proper celebration day for him.
till then ♥
au revoir, daaa

p/s: oh i thought this entry will be fast and furious post. lol

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