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happy belated birthday hubby ! :)

As salam,

on 25th Jan last month, aje has finally turned 24 y/o !
he's older 2 years than me. well, age is only a number.
I AM FOREVER 21 ! lol note that okay !
so coincidentally like i said earlier, he already take a leave on 14th feb to renew his motor's road tax.
and he told me, wanna see me too on that day.
so i make up my mind, why not celebrate his birthday?
as i didn't celebrate any yet. i know it was real late back then,
but who cares right?
luckily, i didn't lost my way again like i did last time to Shah Alam.
i arrived precisely to Sri Muda safely, and quite happy with that !
finally i made it right. but guess what, i did let myself went to the wrong way at Bangsar,
but i did found a way out and keep my road in track lol. haha

so arrived his place like 1pm something, fetched him, and decided to go to Bukit Cerakah.
who knows that place? also known as Bukit Cahaya and Taman Pertanian.
It was unplanned, and everyone knows that such place like that only be visited during morning or evening right?
hahaha we are so weird right? we were there when sun was literally vertically above us. lol
the heckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, we moved forward until he then agreed with me,
i told him like trillion times to ride the bicycle.
it was damn hot, i can't stand myself to walk with the sun like heating us.
we were bathing ourselves with our own sweats. lol ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !
so i dragged him to this place called gazebo to cool us. haha still hot bebehh
i cooked for him before i went out, not to mention. and bought him cupcakes :)
so we were spending moments to this lovely moment.
he was stunned and shocked. i like his reaction that time seriously. awwwwwwwww
it was only both of us there. (of course it was, whos on earth will spend their afternoon at garden anyway?)
so romantic. lol but i was so busy snapping pictures.
and let him light the candles. hahahaha bad me right?
half pictures took by his phone.
he couldn't upload it since his BIS expired already. idk lahh. not my business.
enjoy pictures guys (especially fatin who forced me) haha

this time, we didn't feel that heat just yet. haha

hahahaha see, im busy snapping photos lol

and force him too. rofl

he was trying to light the candle. but the wind was being envy

hahaha he keep asking me to walk with him under the umbrella. but, u know me?
his bicycle has gear, mine hasn't ! unfair right ! 

seriously, i had to walk the bicycle when HIKING i mean climbing the hilly roads. phfttt

i had to change my wedges also for sure
inside the climate house. its the spring guyssss

beautiful right?

i looked horrible back then. dont tell me
walking down the aisle. lol seriously qutiq??

sneak peak his nose. hahaha

so after spending our so romantic and hot sunny moment there,
we decided to catch movie at Jusco Bukit Raja.
there was no movie yet. only silly one lol
so we picked HANTU DLM BOTOL KICAP. errrrrrrrrrrr no comment ! phftt

camwhored while aje baking cake. hahaha

his relieved face after baking cake. haha

he started to feel bore after me firing his mood with my weird photo maniac. lol 

hahahahha this picture describes all

he already got tired and started making faces !

i pushed him to be a bit nicer to the camera. lol

he held his patient and started to accept the fact that im photo maniac

i thought so, but mhmmmm i guess not !
thats all. im tired beby. enough. haha
baking cake means, past motion. u know, 'berak' lol her mother taught me that words.
au revoir, daaa

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fatinah amir. said...

babyy mcm best ja tempat tu tauuu :) im happy for u muuuaahhhxx. send my regard to aje. and u really thin omg baby