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a merrier blast :)


so today, which is Wilayah public holiday me, mama, sister(shumiee), niece1(aisya) andd niece2(alya).
went to Zoo Negara.
left kniza (aka my second sister, aka niece 1 & 2's mother) with her 1 month daughter at home.
actually mama wanted to go to Lake Garden,
but i was like coaxing mama to go to Zoo Negara.
yeahh, went to both place, though Zoo Negara is not so attractive place to go, at least its rather better than Lake Garden right?

so we left home like 11am something. mama tapau stock for us.
cekodok, hotdog and many more. lol
mama? we're not going for picnic rofl. but whatever.

this entry, will have so many pictures i tell ya.
so get ready.

picture at home. i asked mama to soften her face. lol

here we go, we arrived. i took this

there u go, the main entrance. lol

we inside already. take 5 !

it was a tiring day. kaki melecettt wooo.
okay, cont...

this is IDK if not mistaken. lol

find it ! its a tiny one

APE CENTRE. Aisya, Alya, Siti Hazirah
so they have like a family tree written there.
i couldn't recall many, but i know there were Rockiah, Awang, Borneo anddd so forth. i think Rockiah is the biggest i saw just now.
Awang was born on 1969.
it was so exciting to get to know the whole family member. lol
dont miss this place if u happen to be here.

yeahhh, its me. and i know i look fugly. whatever

againnnnnn ! damn u !

oh, i was trying to look graceful. lol BAJETTT -.-'


when i told u this entry will have so many pictures,
did u know the hidden msg is my pictures? lol
so get ready, dont throw out. please.
if u dont like it here, u can click the 'x' button up right. phfttt

do my sis and i have anything in common? lol

mama was tired haihhhh

our stop station for a while. perform zohor
so this so-called-surau terapung located near to the Zoo's lake.
oh u can find so many swans at the lake. such a view ! dont miss it !

yeahhh finally we got here after searching for hours !

do u have any idea where is it?

yeahhh, it was at the show$%&. lol i make it that way bcz idk how to explain it. rofl

again, me. 

i know, they were like on off wearing the tudung. lol

alya got irritated after waiting for half an hour before the show started !

but not for me. i camwhored until the memory said full. phfttt JEALOUS !

couldn't recall its name lahhhh. its the eagle !

yeahhh, sea lion ! it acted so cuteeeeeeeeeeee. hope to have one !

can u jump like that high in pool? phfttt

this burung haaa, i tell u, suka duet jee !
i hope to upload more. as seriously i have loads more pictures stored.
but seriously this mxs broadband is cracking my nerves like literally !
i waited almost like 5 hours to upload all pictures above okay ! haihhhhh
so that was it, we left when it clocked almost 5.
left to jusco, grabbed Mcd. (take away)
and arrived home like 5something.
i know, we were at the Zoo like hours right??
seriously today was a tiring day.
enjoyed my family outing, had a blast !
♥ au revoir, daaa

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