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Welcome to the family cinonet


so on my last entry, i told u guys that i'll update about my cinonet.
i also did tell u guys thatttttttt i was damn so afraid to drive manual car.
but here u go guys,
soon the next day after i pray to god for blessing me with the skill to drive manual car,
i finally made it, guys !
last saturday, on 14th Jan 2012 to be exact,
i drove from here my house, Sri rmpai to S.alam,
well big thanks to my acik(aunt) as she assisted me with the roads.
anddddddddddd of course big congaratulation to me,
for finally made it ! whooooaaaaa big round of applause guys. haha
omg, pardon me. im so over reacted. ahahaha
also not forget that the next day on,
i drove again to subang to send my acik home :)
whoaaaa i did it again. wootwoooot, my ass feels so big nw !

andddd, here u go the climax finally reached to its place;
i snapped pictures of cinonet. ngeh ngeh

Im a P driver. so mind that

i loikeee


i thought of painting my cinonet with greenish white metallic.
its gonna be fun, till the cash in, hahaha
thats all for now i guess. au revoir, daaa

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fatinah amir. said...

Congratulations love, dh boleh keluar dgn i dh kan! hehe