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throw away all the insecurities u have !

all this while, i've been raising up my ego to which level i think, is inconsiderable.
yeahhh, its about my relationship between aje and me.
today, something spill off of our conversation, andd its like a wake up call for me.
for the past 2 years, i was afraid with my own shadow,
i created things and make fuss over small things.
and in return, i'll cry my ass off until sometimes i got fever bcz of that, like recently i just did.
for example, last night.
me and aje was commenting each other at fb.
and i was not really in the mood, as earlier, i asked him to online, but he refused.
i was really mad and it got into my nerves !
i spilled some harsh words and all to aje.
so then he online. and was like no mood to entertain my swing moods.
at last, he just called off the conversation just like that !
of course as usual, i think things negatively and whatsoever.
and againnnn, cry to sleep. lol

so today, we had this conversation where he spoke his feeling out.
about my negative attitude which really concerns him.
he complained about things when i stalked his ex gf, ex pet sis and what so ever,
though, we've been together for almost 3 years. count that girllsssssss.
still i can't believe him and like rely on what had past.
i could've been grateful to have such a good bf with me.
he gives me pocket money though i don't ask for it.
he reloads my airtime whenever it ran out.
and recently, he banked in 1k to my account.
todayyyyy, he said when he has extra cash, he'll make up my cinonet.
also, he'll buy a blackberry for me if anyone sell it cheap.
he gives everything to me.
i meannn, what u think on earth that a guy might think if he spends the world for a girl?
if not hes damn serious towards that girl?
me, myself can think real logic; why would a guy waste his money and his temper only for a girl like me?
i always complain when he doesn't give his attention for me,
well, its normal right? i know it is,
every guys in this world don't like to hype this trivial matters right?
they are more calm down than do girls who easily get emotional. we know they are.
i know they are. phfttt but still, i can't get the feeling off of me !
aje sacrifices many things for me.
but my naked eyes still can't see all of them. my feeling just still unsatisfied. phfttt
andd he lets his temper down everytime mine gets high,
1 thing that not many can do right???
enough qutiq, learn to accept him as he does.
maybe sometimes he doesn't spend enough time for u,
because he needs space. not because he loves u not.
sometimes he refuses to listen to u, maybe because he decides to follow his heart.
maybe u are not right in just everything u do.
ain't it? aje proves himself with everything he could,
so whats with the insecurities feeling u have right now? get rid of it !

maybe aje didn't call u for hours,
maybe aje didn't text u for hours,
maybe aje didn't show off his feeling for u,
but, he never forget to report to u everywhere he goes,
he never forget that he's attached,
he never forget to remind himself about yr existence,
and far and foremost, he never forget his promise to marry u, qutiq.
so wake up. don't let yr childish attitude burns yself, burns yr own feeling, burns yr relationship !

the nutshell is that,
sometimes, u can't blame ppl because yr feeling tend to do so,
because u want yr feeling to be satisfied. u just can't.
u have to consider what others might feel in return of yr actions. right qutiq??

au revoir, daaaa

p/s; lovely reminder for me

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