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i know these few weeks i've been lazy to update my blog.
IM JOBLESS, in economics term i may say; frictional unemployed.
phewwwww well, this thing bothers me less,
as sooner on late February, i'll further my study to degree level.
what a relieve, i've been missing to all those things in the past;
doodling on paper while lecturer is lecturing, texting with bffs' though we seat at the same row,
walking under the sun heat back and forth from college to lecture class. lol
seriously i miss to do all those things in the past, like literally !
also not to forget those lovely troubling assignments on the go. haha
nahhh, what ever. i just can tell u that im so excited about pursuing my degree !
at this point of time, i just can't get myself out of this boring spell. rofl
u tell me how it feels. trust me, u will never like it to just lay down on yr comfy bed and all.
that just bores me to the max.
i think i could vary my daily chores, so i don't feel this bored.
yeahhh, sounds good ain't it??

thats all for now :) au revoir, daaaaa

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fatinah amir. said...

good luck love! <3 u so much