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our dignity, our country


this post is so going to be a lil bit serious. yeahhh, its the dirty politics im talking about.
im shifting 22 y/o this year. so as a teenage Malaysian, i do have every single rights to talk about my country.
i mean, my LOVELY COUNTRY. get it??
so we heard about the provocation made by UPSI student??
oh my, what a shame. couldn't believe it until my eyes caught Buletin Utama yesterday.
so who's Adam? nooo, i didn't know him like literally.
out of sudden, he becomes the headlines everywhere. lol
yeahhh, u can be proud for being famous nowadays.
he's the freaking antagonist player here.
splashing defamations to our national police and alll.
how dare u??? so next time when yr relatives were robbed, rapped or whatsoever,
where and who would u return to?
nahhhh, don't u ever dare guys, to lodge yr report at the police station.
settle at yr own. okayyyy???

the same shit things now will going to be happen on this 9th Jan.
oh my, COME ON !!!!!!!!!!
can't u just think of something for new year's resolutions???
something like being a proper nice guy to this country?? to our country???
yeahhh, this old malay wisdom is so true,
'berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah'
i couldn't agree more.
if yr being so true at position, why yr afraid to pass up yr DNA sample???
why don't u swear in the name of Allah?
and to his stupid follower, why don't u perform solat hajat and wish that if the Govt is wrong, Allah will give disaster and vice versa???
i'm so totally naive about this politics shit.
but from my naked eyes, i can see how they play now !
i can see how stupid the protesters act nowadays. phftttt


au revoir, daaa

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