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a kick-start for my 2012


its already the 3rd day since i enjoyed the fireworks of new year's eve.
yeahhhhh, i know its already late to talk about the beginning of 2012.
i didn't captured any moments, pretty bad huh?
well, to story what i do to kick-start my 1st day of 2012?
it went not so well. me and aje was fighting.
andddd i have no mood.
what a bad way to start huh?

me, fa, lily, aje, fiq went for bbq during countdown.
thats all.

1st Jan 2012,
i drove my family to IKEA. had a great time, though.
well, regardless how confusing i felt that day.
enjoyed buying things and of course, MEATBALL time. hahaha perok???

all the boxes were ticked, no more left i guess.
satisfied with 2011. 
1. 1st class graduated from university, got my Anugerah Naib Canselor :)
2. got my P license.
3. worked at one of the giant company at Asia
4. my family is still with me.

more than enough right???
what do i have in my 2012 wishlist??
not much, 
1. as a degree-to-be-student, i pray that i'll graduated with class honor too.
2. own a car
3. be with family no matter what.
4. succeed in whatever i do.

15 pcs meatball with fries, 8pcs chicken wing, pasta, mushroom soup, 2 soft drinks, 2 coffee, 2 mineral water = almost 50ringgit. phfttt

well, idk how to count, but since after the countdown, me and aje didn't talk.


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